Flickr Meetup at the Model Train Show

Three locomovies waiting to goToday, we went to the model train show for the 4th division[1] of the pacific northwest regional chapter of the national model railroaders association[2]. Whew, a mouthful. This group puts on a show every year at the pacific science center in Seattle. This year, I ended up going at the same time as the Flickr Meetup group, to which I had tentatively rsvp’d a maybe.

This morning, I woke up in a crappy mood due to a few things. The most major of those being nightmare dreams. Probably due to stress over work. Yuck. So it’s been a hit-and-miss day for me relating to that.

Still, I got some nice shots of the trains at the science enter, and they can be seen in my flickr account.


[1]: 4th Division PNR Website

[2]: NMRA Website

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