On direct reflections in glass, and yummy beers

Glass Direct Reflection 03I’ve been doing a lot of self-study in Light: Science and Magic; a book about the use of light in photography. Some of that has been a study in the behavior of photographing glass on dark backgrounds. See, glass isn’t photographed by capturing what it looks like, but rather, the effect it has on the light passing through it. On a light background, the lack of brightness shows itself in dark portions. In a darkfield study, such as at the right, the glass is shown by the light reflected off of it.

The light bends through the glass, its path wrought in the camera’s sensor. The strobe shows where the glass bends the light.

A few nights ago, I set up the following still life to practice on. It’s composed of a Disk’s Working Man Brown Ale, a small wine glass full of the beer, and a martini glass full of mountain dew (for the color.)

On a semi-related note, Dick’s Variety pack of beers contains a lot of yummy stuff. They’re out of Centralia, so they’re local.

Go see the full-size image on flickr.

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