Dentistry, mouth feel, nitrous, and lisping.

Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had dental work.  Like 10 years long time.   So I’m behind on my maintenance.  Yesterday was my third time seeing this dentist, and the first time having invasive work done.  I highly recommend Loren Tarr in Madrona.  Great guy.  Very nice, very kind.

A couple years ago, one of my molars; which had a few fillings in it, and it broke.  I pulled the pieces out that I could when it happened, and things mellowed out with it.  It didn’t cause me problems, so I let it be.

I have a lot of work that I need done in my mouth.  Fillings on a lot of teeth.  A handful of crowns.   Lots of fun.  Maybe $9000 of work needed.  Yesterday, he did some of that work. Three fillings in my upper left quadrant of my mouth, the extraction of the old broken root-tip, and a decayed tooth that was a lost cause.  Those came out, and I went home.  He gave me a scrip for vicodin, but I don’t think I need it.  Yesterday was the only day with pain.

They asked me if I wanted nitrous oxide.  I said yes.  What a trip!  At first, they asked me if I was feeling it, and I wasn’t, so I told them no. They turned it up.   And then I felt it.  It was kinda fun, and for a while, as they were preparing to begin, things were floaty and disassociative.  But then I got to feeling that I was too disconnected from what was going on, so I had them turn it down some.   Proceedure occurred. Fillings happened.  Somewhere.  I wasn’t terribly engaged to what was going on.  Which is the point.  Time passed (somewhere).  Then I had them turn it down some more, cuz I was feeling overwhelmed.

Then we got to the extraction.  Of the broken molar in the back, that was easy, and I didn’t even notice it happen.  But the front.  Oh god.  I had him tell me what he was doing as he did it, because otherwise I would have not known.  I hate to not know.  They use a tool that presses between the tooth and the bone to move the bone a little.  Bone is softer than tooth.  It felt … odd.  And it crunched a little.  Ugh.    And then it came out.  I kept the tooth, and it’s at home somewhere.

Now I have a flipper (two fake teeth on a removeable partial plate, like a denture).    The flipper was then test-fitted.  It fit ok, as far as we could tell with half my face numb.

I hate it.   It feels weird.   Eating is weird, and now I lisp.  So, next week when I go back for the follow-up I’m going to talk to my dentist about this, and move up the priority on dental implants for the missing front tooth.  The rear one too, I guess.  But I want to be able to do without this as soon a possible.

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