Decompression and a little story

It’s an interesting thing, reintegrating into default world.   I’ve had mixed feelings about being back.   Lots of thinking, and integrating of my experiences into my world view.   It makes for an interesting time.

I had a cool experience Monday, on the bus.  I was heading home after a long day,  it was after Burn Night, the local burner get-together. Jake and I parted ways; him for his bus, me for mine downtown to take me home.  I notice this woman with pink and white dread-falls in her hair, kinda raver, kinda punk.  I think, “Burner?” and I wait for my bus to arrive.

The bus arrives, and I get on.  I took my seat, and proceeded to relax/wait to get to my destination.  This woman gets on the bus, too  She sits in the seats that face the isle, I’m a few seats farther down, facing forward.   The bus gets going.  Time passes.

She looks over at me, for a while, and mouths “Burner?” to me.  I say, “Yeah” and wave her over.  We talk.  It was her first year, too.  We had a nice conversation, and then went our seperate ways at the Transit Center.

Being a burner is like having a special pass that says you’re okay to talk to; like you’re part of a special club of inclusiveness.  That’s facinating.

The question to ask is:  How can I make more of my life be like this — how can I be friendlier and more engaging with people, generally?

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