More Casting

pentic of castingSo today I decided to do another pendant.  And it went well.  I’m happy with my progress, like I’m gaining skill (like I want.)

Metal flows through the mold
Flowing swiftly ’til it turns cold
Shapes cast from a fleeting master
I see you freed in your sprue tree
Polished to a shine
Cast metal, frozen solid.

I’m thinking that I’m going to try sandcasting as an approach for doing lots of these.  I takes a lot of time to prepare these as one-offs of wax, to sprue them, invest them, burn them out, and pour them.  2-3 hours each.  I think by sand-casting, I can get that down to 30 minutes for batches of ten.  That’d be awesome.

Hopefully in a couple weeks, I’ll have the materials on hand to do that.  See you soon …

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