Flash Bus, and Shooting Work

Waiting in the WindowSo on Friday, I attended the launch of the Flash Bus talk series by Joe McNally and David Hobby.  It was awesome.  Both of these presenters do a fantastic job of getting their points across in a clear and concise way.  Even as an experienced shooter, I got a lot out of the experience.  Watching them work with subjects and coax out awesome photographers was great.

So afterwards, I was inspired to go out and do some environmental portraits.  Near my studio is a lot of excellent brickwork and old, cool buildings.  These buildings make great locations for doing a shoot.  The shot to the left was done with two speedlights: a SB800 through an umbrella for fill, and a SB900 camera left for key.  This was a fun set to do.

The other shot I did was with my friend H at Golden Gardens park.  This is one of my favorite places to go, and to shoot at.  There’s lots of cool variety to see; train tracks, trails, beach with sand, with cobbles.  Lots of fantastic imagery to pick from.  We went there Monday afternoon, around 5PM.  It was a windy and rainy day, so the shooting was challenging.  The wind LOVES to grab hold of a shoot-through umbrella and carry it away. 

This shot (at right) was done with a single bare SB900 on a lightstand held down into the cobbles with rocks.  It was done in aperture priority mode with -1 EV exposure compensation to get nice colors out of the fading sunset through the dark and stormy clouds.  The wind was fun, but did present some difficulties, including the heart stopper of having your flash fall over onto the rocks.

Fun stuff!

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