Pro Tip: For recruiters…

Texting me early in the morning without identifying yourself is a fantastic way to piss me off. If it was your goal to antagonize me against your position and company, you did a great job. Also: When I text you back, “do not txt me,” it does NOT mean that you should then call me five minutes later!

Advice to recruiters who haven’t yet pissed me off: Email It’s great. If I’m interested in the position you have, I’ll let you know! Don’t cold-call me. Don’t cold txt me.

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One thought on “Pro Tip: For recruiters…”

  1. As an extension, when you reach out to a company for a quote on something, and explicitly state email only in the text area, and they then proceed to phone you without thinking about what hour it might be, that’s a way to lose my business.

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