DNS30 – Spammers

So you may have seen my previous blog post about wrangling Route53.  I got a comment that got marked as spam in my blog configuration, and here’s the text from it.  I’ve seen it all over the place on route53 blog posts:

Hello, Thanks for sharing your article with us.

Route 53 is designed to automatically scale to handle very large query volumes without any intervention from user.We have developed a UI tool for this interface – DNS30 Professional Edition.We also have online interface for this application.

Now, at first, this would seem like a moderately useful kind of post to get.  But it turns out that this is all over the place, exactly the same.  It doesn’t add anything to the conversation, and is just a solicitation for services.  Hell with that!  These clowns are spammers, engaging in comment spam, and that’s really lame.  They’ve pretty much guaranteed that I’ll badmouth them and avoid them in all contexts.  Good job, DNS30!

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