Gabriel CainWhat to say about one’s self?

My name is Gabriel Cain. I am a man of many things. I have a skill with computer systems (linux/unix, databases, networks, website infrastructures, and such things), I work with metal, I make photographs of beautiful and horrible things. I try to express myself directly.

I feel that I’m a way behind on the blogging bandwagon, and that I’m late to the game doing this. but such is life kamagra oral jelly prix. I’ve found that I enjoy writing; that constructing and conveying my thoughts in this kind of medium is rewarding. And I hope that you, dear reader, find these writing informative, or entertaining.

A little more about me: I grew up in the Mid-west, in Missouri. I came from an underprivileged, but well educated family, and I’ve raised myself up by my bootstraps to where I am now. In all the things that I do, I’m self-taught. I have many hobbies, some that I pursue with greater passion than others. I can’t focus on one thing for too long.

My resume is available, as well.

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