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Konica Minolta DiMage Dual Scan IV

A Coniferious tree at Discovery Park; example of a scan from the DS4(or, the scanner that was hard to get)

So, several weeks ago, I had finally saved enough to get the DS4. It’s a small device, about 7″ by 5″ by 20″, with a USB connector, and wall wort for power. Pretty standard. The device included scanning trays for 35mm slides, and uncut 35mm film.

The scanner performs pretty well, as long as I use the “DS_Dual4″ program, rather than the “easy scan” or “batch scan” programs that it also bundles. It takes a couple minutes per frame to scan, and it does a good job. The image at the right was scanned from a 35mm frame of Provia 100F. It shows nicely how the colors are well captured by both the film and the scanner.

The process of scanning slides is somewhat precise, but not horribly difficult. Basically, it’s a simple process:

  • Cut 35mm film into sequences of six frames
  • Load scanner tray with a set of six frames, taking care to remove the dust with a film brush or can-o’-air
  • Load tray into the scanner
  • Pre-scan so rotations can be performed
  • Set auto dust removal
  • Scan

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my film scanner, and if Konica/Minolta hadn’t gone under with regards to their imaging gear, I’d probably continue to buy from them. Warrenty support is available for this product through Sony, tho, so I’m not shit out of luck. ;)