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I’ve got my ticket.  I’m going.   Awesome.  At 9:57AM, I realized, “Hey, this is ticket day.  You better get over to, and buy a ticket!”  And so I did.  And I clicked refresh.  And ten o’clock came ’round, and I clicked refresh again.  I scrolled to the bottom of the page, and clicked the buy ticket link.  Then I got to sit in line.  About 2500th in line.  It took about two hours to get to the purchasing step.  Whew, I made it.

On writing more often

Looking at this blog, I see that I’ve posted roughly twice a year. That’s a woefully poor showing. There’s so much more going on that I’d share. I find it hard to share my thoughts with others in verbal or written ways.  To reach in, and coherently spit out a concept doesn’t often come across well for me.  I feel that I confuse my words.  That I don’t get the message out.  That I speak too quickly, and don’t say enough.

I’m trying to change that.   I want to be better at putting down my thoughts into stories.  To tell others about my experiences, my thoughts, and my feelings on things.  So, I’m going to write at least one good entry per week here.  We’ll see how well it goes.

I’ve been thinking about Burning Man a lot lately.  I’m going to go for the first time this year.   Eagerly, I seek out the experiences that this adventure will bring.  New things to see, new things to do.  People to meet and talk to that one often doesn’t have the chance to in this Real Life we all live in.  To see and do absurd things.

I’m preparing my things for the adventure.  I’m considering what camera gear I want to bring; how I want to record the journey for myself, and how I want to participate there.

I expect that a great deal of it will be catch as catch can.  That’s for the best.  Don’t over plan.  Don’t over think it. Do it.  Live it.

And hopefully when I get back, write about it.

What do you do when someone asks to take your picture?

So, for me this is an interesting question because I often am the one behind the camera. I’ve been the one on the asking side of the fence. I worry about the reaction people have to being asked. So often, I see someone who has an interesting face, a detailed face of age, a youthful face of beauty, all kinds of faces that I think would make excellent images.

One sad example is the old man on the bus who hit me one time (unrelated to photography). He’s 97 years old, and has a great deal of visual impact. He dresses well, wears a derby hat with a feather, his hand bears an ornate gold ring, and he has a pretty cool cane. On morning, I was sleeping on my way to the office. I was in the window seat, right hand side of the bus. The first thing I know is that I’m getting jabbed in the shoulder with a cane.  He would make a great subject, if he weren’t so out of touch.
But I rarely ask. Partly because I empathize with those who don’t want their picture taken, and partly due to an avoideance of rejection. Ironically, most everyone I’ve asked has been positive about it. I tend to always give out a biz card, and offer them a copy of their picture if they email me. Fewer than two hands full of people have taken me up on the offer.

I, myself, don’t have a problem with people taking my picture. I’m cool with it, especially since I’m interested in making photographs of other people.

Ordered Cactus PT-04 wireless flash releases…

So, I ordered the Cactus PT-04 wireless flash release (offered by Gadget Infinity, out of Hong Kong). I bought mine off their E-Bay store, and am awaiting them eagerly. With a range of 30 meters, they should do well until such time that I feel that Pocket Wizards are appropriate. Right now, several hundred dollars is too much. :-)

I ordered a transmitter and two receivers, which set me back $58.90 with shipping. That’s pretty reasonable. I’ll post an in-depth review when I get them in my hands.