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DevOps: Using Fabric to fix the Leap Second bug

So today I had a fun problem:  How am I to correct the leap second bug on 700 systems?  Gosh, that’s a thing.  So I went looking in my systems administrator toolbox and found Fabric.  Turns out that you can automate things in pretty awesome ways with it.

Fabric is a python tool that lets you specify a runlist of things to do, and go execute them across a pile of hosts.  For me, this meant:$ cat fabfile.py

$ from fabric.api import run, env
def fix_date():
     run('date; date `date +"%m%d%H%M%C%y.%S"`; date')

$ fab --skip-bad-hosts -t 3 -H \
      `perl -e 'chomp(@l=<>); print join ",", @l;' < hosts.txt `\

And bam, 30 minutes later, the bug is done.