DanceHat - Low Voltage driven EL Wire Controller


DanceHat is my project to turn my stove pipe into something more distinctive, and more functional. Functional in the sense that often in the steampunk aesthetic, functionality plays second fiddle to form. This project isn't strictly steampunk; really, it's more cyber punk.

In any case, here you will find board designs and notes about the construction and functionality of my Top Hat.


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Buy a Kit

Kits are not available. The boards are buggy.

So after making this project, and showing it around, I became aware that a lot of people would like to have one of these things. To that end, I made a kit. The kit contains a professionally made circuit board, all the components necessary to wire up one of these, and an instruction sheet.

This kit is the interface board between some signal source (Bliplace in DanceHat), and the EL Wire. See resources below for more.

Kit Parts List

What this kit does not supply:

Be creative. There are many interesting possibilities for signal sources. headphone cable plugged into a mp3 player? bliplace?

Kits are currently in development, and will hopefully be available soon.


DanceHat is made of the following things:

Top Hat


This project leans heavily on the BlipLace project designed and built by Tangent. Go buy one from him. Go Now.

ELWire to Bliplace board

Board Layout: dance-hat.brd

Schematic: dance-hat.sch

EL Wire

I try to buy locally. Mike Bagley runs SeattleLumin, a local perveyor of EL Wire. You should buy from him if you're in Seattle. :)

For this project, I'm using two smallish lengths of EL Wire, a few feet. The loops are attached to the hat with black or transparent thread.


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