Twitter Command-Line Client


I wrote this program because I wanted to have a way for my servers to twitter me about things they felt were important. I wanted to use it to provide a monitoring interface for simple things. Such as tying it to SimpleEventCorrelator to let me know when things go on in the logs that I should know about.

This program is such a thing. It's a very simple perl program that allows for posting to twitter, and reading your friends_timeline from twitter. It can initiate follow messages, and it can send direct messages.


This project is now hosted on LaunchPad, go here:


Version 1.03 fixes a bug that failed to reset color. Thanks for the patch, Arnau and Pancake!

Version 1.02 adds support for ANSI Graphics based color coding of output. This can be nice if you're using my program on the command-line to read your twitter feed. It will default to no-color on systems without Term::ANSIColor installed, and can be forced off.


This command-line twitter client supports an arbitrary number of twitter accounts by way of individual configuration files for each twitter account. The default account is $HOME/.twitterrc, but an alternate can be specified on the command-line with -f.

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