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Gabriel, smiling. About Gabriel

I make photographs to connect with people. I want to reveal to my subjects a glimpse of who they are, and show the world that window into their souls. Doing photography means connecting with the subject, and it means talking and learning about each-other, and forming a bond. It is also as much a glimpse into my soul as theirs.

My photography is an expression of how I see the people in the world. The things that I shoot are often done in the moment: planning, and prep, of course. Coordination, a given. But in the end, it's the final bits that are decided on site, in the moment, as it happens.

To see something and record it is to provide a reference point into memory. To evoke those thoughts and feelings that surround the time of the image, I make the photograph. It is the time of creation, and of doing. I record these things so that I may recall with vividness what happened, the emotions I felt, the things I thought, and all those wide and varied things that make up this process that is my photography.

People are the center of what work I want to do, and are the point of my photography. For me, photography is important as it relates to the human condition -- telling stories about people.

Gabriel has practicing photography for the last 5 years. He is self-taught, and always seeks to try new things to improve his skills.

His flickr site lists current work, including day to day shooting. It can be considered a rough look at what's going on. It's available here: flickr stream.

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